Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shri Sundar Shila: Jatipura Baithakji Number 14

At the Sundar Shila on th Govardhan hill Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhachayra performed the Dipawali and Anakuta festivals and used one and one fourth kilo of rice. His grandson Shri Gokulnathji, many years later had the divine vision of Shri Mahaprabhuji performing this celebration.

At the Sundar Shila once Shri Mahaprabhuji fell asleep with his head on the lap of his beloved disciple Damala. Shri Nathji (Lord Krishna) suddenly appeared on the Giriraj Mountain and Damala signaled Him not to approach, because He might disturb Shri Mahaprabhuji not to be angry with Damala, for he had only carried out the duty of a devoted disciple. Shri Nathji then approached Shri Mahapppprabhuji and sat in his lap.
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