Thursday, August 8, 2013

Govind Ghat: Shrimad Gokul Baithakji Number 1

At Gokul there are three seats. Shri Mahaprabhuji’s first seat is situated under a Chhonkar tree by the banks of the holy Yamunaji river at Govind Ghat. Shri Mahaprabhuji stayed here during His first pilgrimage to Gokul. Upon arriving there, he asked His disciple Damodaardas Harsani, “Damal, is this the Gohat of Govind or of Thakurani? At that moment a young woman adorned with divine ornaments appeared and said, “this is Govind Ghat Thakurani Ghat is to your right”, and then suddenly disappeared. Shri Mhaprabhuji then joyfully said to Damala, “Shri Yamunaji’s kindness is beyond measure; not being able to bear seeing our dismay, She Herself came only to differentiate the two Ghats.” Damal then prayed to Shri Mahprabhuji, “what is the spiritual significance of these two gnats? Smiling, Shri Mahaprabhuji continued, “From Mahavan to Govind Ghat is Lord Krishna’s boundary while from Rawal to Thakurani Ghat is Shri Radha’s boundary. This tree here can be compared to the Creator Brahma.

That evening, the eleventh day of the bright half of Shravan, roughly the last half of August, after Damala had retired, Shri Mahaprabhuji became concerned as to how divinelyoriented souls could achieve their joyful reunion with Shrii Krishna. Shri Mahaprabhuji thus thought, suddenly Shri Nathji (Lord Krishna )appeared in front of Shri Mahaprabhuji and consoled him, “why are you so dismayed, the solution is quite simple; those who are initiated by you will have their five major sins removed, namely, related to birth, nature, time, connection, and touch. Shri Mahaprabhuji then adorned the Lord with a dhoti, a shawl, and a ‘pavitra’ Then, Shri Nathji continued, “I shall personally see for the

Upliftment of those who take Brahma Sambandha. “After saying this, Lord Krishna vanished from the very spot.

The following morning, Shri Mahaprabhuji questioned Damala, “Did you hear anything last night?” Damala replied, “I faintly heard something, but how can a common man like myself understand the words of the supreme Lord?

Shri Mahaprabhuji explained to him Shri Krishna’s divine message of Brahma Sambandha. Damala then prayed to be initiated and Shri Mahaprabhuji consenting, gave him the holy formula, thus firmly establishing the path of Grace within his heart. Shri Mahaprabhuji then said, “This path is intended for divine souls like yourself.
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