Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shri Kokilavan Baithakji Number 20

Here by the Krishna lake, under a tree, Mahaprabhu Vallabhachayra resided for one month discussing the Shrimad Bhagavatam. Their Chaturnaga a disciple of the Nimvark Sampradays approached Mahaprabhuji and said, “we have heard that you support the path of Devotion as taught by Vshnu Svami and have debated and defeated all the Mayavadians in the south. Please shower you infinite grace on the thousand hermits living here by feeding them all rice pudding.

Mahaprabhuji then told Krishnadas to bring five kilos of milk and make the pudding for the hermits. When the pudding was prepared, Mahaprabhuji glanced over it and it became an inexhastable five kilos of pudding. The thousand hermits were feed the pudding in bowls made of leaves and even after everyone had finished, the same five kilos of pudding remained. Mahaprabhuji then told Krishnadas to distribute the rest of the pudding to all the peacocks and monkeys in the areas, but even after that the original five kilos of rice pudding remained. Only when Vasudevadas took the remains of the pudding to his home did the five kilos of pudding finally diminish.

Chaturnaga seeing this amazing pastime prayed, “you are no other than the Lord Himself. I was ignorant of your true form, but now I pray t be made you disciple.”

Shri Mahaprabhu replied, “you already have a guru, but by the grace of my grandson, Shri Gokulnathji who will appear in the future, you will enter into the path of Grace.”

Chatrunaga questioned, “what will be my condition intil then.”

“You will live for 150 years and then my grandson Shri Gokulnathji will shower his grace on you during your 110 th year.”

For many years, Chaturnaga wander about in to holy preceints of Vrindavan always absorbed in the Lord’s divine remembrance. Once, while rambling about, his hair got tangled on a branch and for three days he could not free himself. Then Shri Krishna came and untangle his hair. During that time, King Jahangir order that all Tulsi necklaces worn by the Vaishnavas not to be worn. Chaturnaga fell a victum to the order and fhad his necklace removed. Shortly later, Chaturnaga passed Shri Gokulnathji in Mathura. Shri Gokulnathji called, “Chaturnaga, although we are married people, we did not take off our tulsi necklaces. How is it that you a hermit had yours removed?”

Chaturnaga prostrated before Shri Gokulnathji and holding on to his feet said with welling eyes, “After so long a wait have net you. Kindly accept me as your disciple and give me Tulsi necklace.”

Gokulnathji knowing the promise of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya made Chaturnaga his disciple. From that time, Chaturnaga always went about sing the glories of his guru. At the age of 150 he dropped his body at Govinda lake by the Govaradhan hill and enter into Krishna’s lila.
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