Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shri Govind Kund Baithakji Number 13

At the Govinda lake, Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya passed theree days speaking about Shri Krishna’s lilas. Krishnadas Meghan prayed to the guru to have the divine vision of the realm within the Govardhan Hill, but Shri Mahaprabhujji remained silent to his request.

Two days later, Krishnadas and Shri Mahaprabhuji proceeded to the sacred hill. There Krishnadas Meghan discovered a cave, and Shri Mahaprabhuji told him that his divine desire would be fulfilled within the cave. Taking Shri Mahaprabhuji’s permission, he removed the stone blocking the entrance and proceeded inwards. There he had the vision of the Lord’s divine reality, wherein he saw all different types of celestial paraphernalia used in Shri Krishna’s lila. Sitting above the lake there, he noticed a parraot incessantly repeating the Lord’s name. Krishnadas the repeated three tines the mantra, “Shri Krishna Shranam Mama”, and then fell unconscious only to recover two days later back on the Giriraj Mountain.

Later, when he reported his divine incident to Shri Mahaprabhuji, the guru asked him if he had seen everything that he had wanted to. Krishnadas replied, “All my wishes were fulfilled, but please explain to me who that parrot was.”

Shri Mahaprabhujji explaind, “That parrot took his birth billions of years ago in the Saraswata Kalpa and since then had developed the habit of always repeating Lord Krishna’s name. So strong was his addiction for the holy namme, that he never even took water for fear that during that time the Lord’s name would pass unnoticed. When he asw that you were taking the Lord’s name, he decided to take advantage of that time and took three sips of water. Shri Radha became so pleased that one of her disciples had come there that she blessed that parrot, who then dropped his boody and achieved the Lord’s eternal realm.”

Once, Shri Radha experienced a moment’s separation from her Lord, but it seemed to Her as if a million years had passed. At that time Shri Swaaminiji (Shri Radha), while in deep separation from her Lord contemplated on His union and breathing deeply repeated the Lord’s one hundred and eight names, whiiich later came to be known as the famous Krishna Premamrita Granth. When Radha repeated those names, Her union with Lord Krishna was again established. She then asked her Lord to whom the divine names should be presented. Shri Krishna replied, “To that person who is similar to you in virtues. Shri Radha then wrote the prayer on the Giriraj Hill. Later, shri Mahaprabhujji finding that stone, recited the names before Krishna Chaaitanya and Kesava Bhatt. Later, Shri Mahaprabhuji rememberd that he had previously promised one writing to Krishna Chaitanaya, subsequently gifted him the divine prayer. Froom here Shri Mahaprabhuji proceeded to the Govind and Apsara lakes and then stopped to have the sight of Balram’s temple, before he reached the Sundar Shilaji, where He sat under a tree near to a small temple.
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