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Shri Nand Gav Baithakji Number 19

Here, Shri Mahaprabhujji stayed for six months discussing the Shrimad Bhagavatam. Uddhavaji, a friend of Shri Krishna stayed there for one month to acquire true spiritual knowledge form Achrya Mahaprabhuji. Krishna’s father, Nanda Baba also divinely appeared and listened for the entire six months.

Once, while Shri Mahaprabhuji was sitting by the lake a Muslim cam to let his horse dring of the lakes waters. The horse drank too much water and suddenly feel dead and out of his body appeared a celestrial form with four arms and ascended to the eternal realm of Vaikuntha. All present there were blessed to see the divine occurance.

The Muslim, who also witnessed it approached Mahaprabhuji and prayed to be made His disciples but was told that his liberation would take place in his next birth. The Muslim left, placing Mahaprabhu Vallabhachrya’s lotus feet always in his heart and shortly thereafter left his material body. He took rebirth as Sangji in the home of a shoe maker. He always practied tantra and became very proficient in the use of spells and mantras. Once he had a argument with one disciple of Shri Vitthalnathji, Shri Vallabhacharya’s son and decided that at night he would dispose of him by means of his various mantras and spells. For the whole night he tried but that devotee remained completely unaffected. Sangji then realized that he was a great saint and sought his surrender on the following day. The Vaishnava told him to leave the use of all such mantras and spells and to take the shelter of his guru Shri Vitthalnathji and the supreme Lord, Shri Krishna. Some days later, Shri Vitthalnathji stopped at Nandaguam on his way to Dwarka. That Vaishnava asked him on behalf of Sangji if he could be made a disciple. Shri Vitthalnthji replied, “That is the reason why I have come her.” Sangji then took initiation and became an accomiplished bhakta.

The king heard that a low caste shoe maker had taken on a Brahmicial code of living and summoned him. “you are a common shoe maker. How is ti that you are living in the style of a Brahmin?”

Sangji replied, “I am the disciple of Shri Vitthalnathji, therefore I have risen to that level.”

The king replied, Milk can be made into yogurt, but yogurt can hever be made into milk. In the same way. Someone from the priestly can fall to the class of a shoemaker, but a shoemaker can never become a priest,”

Saangji replied, “If I can turn yogurt into milk, will you belive me?”

The king then called for some yogurt and summoned all of the local priests to witness the event. Sanfji then loudly proclaimed, “If Shri Vitthalnathji has qualified me to live the way I do, then this yogurt will turn to milk, otherwise know that I am the lowest of all shoemakers.”

The king then called for some yogurt had turned to milk. Everyone present was convinced of the divinity of Shri Vittalnathji and they all became his followers.
From Nanda Gaum, Shri Mahaprabhuji procced to Karala, Anjano, Kari, Disoyo, Citravan, Jovat and finally to kakilavan where he stayed under a tree by the Krishna lake.
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