Friday, August 23, 2013

Shri Kaamvan Baithakji Number 16

Here at Gusainji's seat Mahaprabhuji gave darshan to Madhusudandas, after his 'leelapravesh'. Madhusudandas did Mahaprabhuji's seva daily & Chanted Shri Sarvottam Stotra, He had a wish to do Mahaprabhuji's Darshan. Doing so, 1 month passed & Shri Gusainji came & stayed there for three days, & went away. After 6 months Mahaprabhuji gave Madhusudandas' Darshan & told him "you needn't have waited so long. When shri Gusainji came here, & gave you darshan you saw a difference in me & him & waited. Firstly, Vaishnav's Duty is not to be Persistent, that's why you took to get my Darshan. If you wished to do my Darshan you could have gone to my lineage, wherever they reside"

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