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Shri Vidhyanagar Baithakji Number 49

At vidhyanagar, Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya stayed by the Vidhya lake. It was here that Shri Mahaprabhu defeated the Mayavadians in a huge religious conference.

Once Shri Mahaprabhuji considered. “The king of Vidhyanagar is very religious man and it is in his kingdom that the four great Vaishnava lineages are being defeated in debate by the Mayavadians.” with those thoughts, young Vallabhacharya who was only eleven at that time proceed there. On his way, he passed through the town where Damodardas lived. Damodardas, father had recently passed away, and left his money to Damodardas and his three brother but Damodardas was unconcerned about such matters because his mind was absorbed in the thoughts of his future guru, Shri Mahaprabhuji. When Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya passed on the main street Damodardas, balcony, he immediately went to the street below and bow at the feet of his guru and took initiation.

He accompanied Shri Mahaprabhuji who stopped at his uncle’s house who was pleased to hear of Mahaprabhuji’s plans to attend the religious conference and because he was a minister in the King’s council, said he could arrange everything.

That night when they called Shri Mahaprabhuji to take his meals, he replied that he only partakes of food which he prepares himself. His relatives rebuked him, “How can you act like that with us” but he did not reply their harsh words.

His uncle then went to the king, Krishnadeva and advised him, “Tomorrow, do not let any new Brahmin into the debate because he will only delay the victory of the Mayavadians and this debate has already been going on for twelve years and is costly for the government.

In the middle of the following night, Shri Nathji came and told Shri Mahaprabhuji, “How can you withstand such harsh words from your relatives. I am always with you. Why should you concern yourself about meeting this king when billions of kings will make the worship of your feet. Proceed immediately to the Vidhya lake.”

The Lord then disappeared and Shri Mahaprabhuji awoke his disciples and silently left his uncle’s house. The next morning, Shri Mahaprabhuji order his Kamandal {a type of water pot made out of a type of pumpkin} t proceed to the conference hall and notify all of his arrival. His kamandal then flew into the great hall room and everyone present there stood up and the king told the kamandal to brign his master to the conference. Later, when Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya arrived there shinning like countless suns, King Krishnadeva Raya bowed at his feet. Within a very short time, Shri Mahaprabhuji defeated the Mayavadians with his teaching of Brahmavada, that everything is God and nothing but God. The king then present Mahaprabhuji with 600 I bs of gold and honored him with a sacred bath. Shri Mahaprabhuji distributed the gold to all the Brahmins and when he made the king his disciple he was offered a large tray of gold coins. Shri Mahaprabhuji took only seven of those coins and later offered them to Lord Jagannath. The head of the Madhva lineage then requested Shri Mahaprabhu to take over his religious seat, but Shri Mahaprabhuji considered that his appearance was to establish the Vishnu Svami who once told me, “The Lord’s service is our only interested in their own pleasure. The Lord does as he pleases, we can only follow His wishes’

“Once the Lord told Vishnu Svami that the Lord would appear as Shri Vallabhacharya and that he will establish the path of Devotion. Vishnu Svami told me when he left for the divine abode that I should stay and head the Vishnu Svami lineage till you come her and defeat the Mayavadians. For the past 750 years I have been thinking about you.”

Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya then accepted the leadership of the Vishnu Svami lineage and Bilvamangal ascended to the eternal abode before the entire assembly. Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya stayed in Vidhya Nagar for a few days giving discourse at the royal palace before proceeding onwards.
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