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Shri Chhatighar: Champarnya Baithakji Number 33

At Champaranaya, Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhachary always resides for his play is eternal Gopaldas sings about those divine souls which were separated from the Lord’s lila.

The Lord considered his creation and made tow types of souls divine and ungodly.

For the Lord’s graceful glance came the divine souls and from his glance of maya came te demonical souls. Shri Mahaprabhuji appeard to uplift divine souls. That is the reason for his appearance. Shri Vitthalnathji said that if Shri Mahaprabhuji did not appear, “The creation of the divine souls would pass wasted.” He also revealed that, “Fro th eupliftment of divine souls, Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya appeard upon the earth.”

Lord Krisnna ordered Shri Mahaprabhuji to manifest upon the earth along with the other residents of the divine abode and so the 84 Vaishnavas as well as Shri Vitthalnathji’s 252 Vaishnavas and his lineage appeared upon the earth.

In the south of India, in the town of Kankarvad appeared Shri Vallabhacharya’s forefather Narayanbhatt who was an incarnation of the Vedas and knew th esacred texts by heart. He started to perform the sacred soma. Sacrifice and complete 32 such rites in the course of his lifetime. When they were completed a celestial voice came from the sacrificial pit fire and said, “Narayana Bhatt, you are blessed; the primal Godhead has accepted your offerings. Within your family the Lord will take birth and from the sacrificial fires my Deity will appear.”

Later the Lord’s Deity did appear which is still be served by the Vallabh’s lineage. In the mul purusha poem it is said,

Form the sacrificial pit Hari’s voice resounded,

“I will take birth in your clan.”

Narayana Bhatt was very famous and taught taught thousands of Brahimins the Vedas. One day someone challenged, “To teach humans the Vedas is easy; if you can teach a water buffalo to speak the Vedas, that would be an accomplishment.”

Narayan Bhatt then acquired a water buffalo and when it began to speak the Vedas everyone was astonished. His son, Ganagadhar Bhatt was also very powerful. He daily feed many Brahmin and gave many gifts He perform 28 soma sacrifices and was considered to be an incarnation of Shiva. Once, when a pundit questioned, “Shiva held the holy Ganges river in his matter locks, can you? “suddenly, from Gangadhar’s hair the Ganges river began to flow. His son, Ganapati Bhatt was very generous and performed 30 Soma sacrifices and was considered to be an incarnation of Ganapati, the elephant god. When someone questioned, “If he is really Ganapati, then he can shower copper pots from the sky. “Ganapati Bhatt then made many copper pots rain from the sky over a large area for three hours. His son was Vallabh Bhatt who was also very powerful and performed five Soma sacrifices. Some said that he was an incarnation of the sun god, once someone his divinity and he made night appear within an area of 24 miles during the middle of the day. His son, Lakshman Bhatt was an incarnation of Vasudeva. He was very magnanimous and after he performed 5 Soma sacrifices he heard a celestial voice, “Lakshman Bhatt, you are very blessed. Your clan has now performed 100 Soma sacrifices. You will have three sons, one will be the Lord Himself.”

Hearing that, he made an offering to the fire and feed one thousand Brahmins. After his first son was born he saw Rahda Krishna within a dream and They told him that after a few days the Lord would appear as his son and advised, “Proceed to Champaranaya, there everything for the lila is ready.” After saying that, the Lord left Lakshman Bhatt a yellow shawl, some chewed betal nut, and two rosaries, one with little beads, the other with larger ones and advised him, “The smaller rosary, place around your son’s neck, on the larger one, recite my names. Wear this shawl and take this nectar. “After saying that, the Divine couple vanished.

Awaking from the dream, Lakshman Bhatt was surprised to see that everything that was given to him in the dream was there besides him. He awoke his wife Ilamgaru and they quickly proceeded. When they reached Benares, the Mughals started to attack the city and so according to the Lord’s wish they proceeded to Champaranaya near Nagpura. There in a dense forest where tigers and other ferocious animals live Ilamagaru has a miscarriage. Lashman Bhatt remembering the Lord’s order reasoned that the Lord would not appear in a normal way, and put the seemingly still born child into a hallow of a tree and proceeded to a nearby town. Hw was well versed in astrology and noticed that it ias a very auspicious time, the forest shined, the birds all started to sing, while the stare moved into favorable positions. That night, the lord told Lakshman Bhatt to return to the place were they had left the child and on the previous day upon arriving there, they found a child, as beautiful as a million cupids resting within a ring of fire. This incident occured on the eleventh day during the dark half of the onth of Madho at mid day. (late April) At that time, the celestial serpent Shesa appeared to shade the area with his hoods while light drops of cooling rain fell from the sky. At the same time, Shri Nathji (Lord Krishna’s) face appeared on the Govardhan Hill. A celestial voice told the mother to fearlessly take her son and she entered through the ring of flames and took the divine child. At that time, all the gods played instruments and showered flowers upon the child. A divine palace suddenly appeared and there was a celebration like the one which appeared for Krishna’s appearance. Lakshman Bhatt put the shawl and rosary the Lord had given him in the dream on the child and put Shri Krishna’s chew betal leaf into his son’s mouth. At that time, Nanda, Yashoda as well as Shri Radha, Shri Yamunaji and a host of other Gopis arrive all superbly adorned in pearls and diamonds and sang songs suitable for the festive oceasion. Cowlads brought gallons of milk and curds and spilled them during the celebrations. After Lakshman Bhatt has take the ceremonial bath, he proceeded to give gift to everyone present while the Vedas were recited. Gargacharya arrived and revealed that the child would have unlimited fame and would uplift countless divine souls through his graceful glance.

He also said that the reason while their son was born in a thick forest was because Vishnu, Brahama, and Shiva as well as the other divinities would only appear in a isolated place.

After Gargacharya and all the god returned to their respective abodes while the residents of Shri Krishna’s eternal merged into their, Shri Mahaprabhuji’s parents realized that their son was an incarnation.
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